Nosler AccuBond LR 30 CAL, 190 Grain


Nosler AccuBond LR 30 CAL, 190 Grain Part # 58456

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5 bullet pack
Nosler AccuBond LR
30 CAL (.308)
G1/BC 0.597
part # 58456
Nosler AccuBond Long Range Bullets were developed in response to the escalating demand from long-range hunters who were asking for a hunting bullet that could keep up with today?s level of high-grade optics and ultra-high velocity cartridges in order to stretch practical shooting yardages past 1,000 yards; yet still perform on big-game animals.. Nosler’s unique manufacturing techniques allow them to produce a rapidly expanding bonded hunting bullet with the highest Ballistic Coefficient possible in a bullet of the same caliber and weight. The bonding process eliminates the issue of being too close, a problem often associated with many of the other high hunting bullets. AccuBond Long Range Bullets’ long, sleek ogive was designed to produce outstanding accuracy in a wide variety of firearms without the necessity to be loaded close to or in contact with the lands. Made In United States of America warning-icon WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 0.1 in


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  1. Taylor Brown

    This Nosler Accubond bullet shoots and groups great. 5 rounds, sub MOA at 100 yards. I’ll certainly be buying more. This will be my new go to big game bullet.

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