Hornady V-MAX 30 CAL, 110 Grain


Hornady V-MAX 30 CAL, 110 Grain Part # 23010

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5 bullet pack
Hornady V-MAX
30 CAL (.308)
G1/BC 0.290
part # 23010
The Hornady V-Max features a polymer tip and streamlined flat trajectories. The tip increases the ballistic coefficient for faster velocity and increased stability in flight. The expansion and explosive fragmentation can be achieved at a wide range of distances and velocities.

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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 0.1 in


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  1. ty gabree

    So, I thought I would buy a few packs of these bullets to try in my 300 Blackout AR platform before committing to a full box. They were accurate and easy to load for such a short bullet and cycled perfectly. If you have 300 Blackout I would recommend trying them

    • Ideal Load

      Thanks for the feedback Ty.

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