About us

Our search for an accurate shot group at an affordable price resulted in limited and expensive options so we decided to offer others ideal load bullet sample packs. We first started on eBay before quickly being kicked off, but not before a few sales confirmed our hunch that other people were looking for their ideal load at an affordable price. We then went to a local gun show where we got a ton of enthusiasm so we decided to go for it and launch our website to offer people more options. Our first product is the bullet sample 5 pack. We wanted gun enthusiasts and reloaders to be able to buy 5 bullets or 20 without spending money on a full box that they would ultimately not use.

Our Goal:

To offer affordable bullet sample packs so customers can find their ideal load without breaking the bank.

If you see a product we currently do not carry please email us and we will try and get it stocked ASAP.

Veteran Owned and Veteran Operated

A portion of our profit goes to support the military, law enforcement, and firefighter communities.   If you have a cause that you would like us to consider supporting please email us.

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